'Personalised Occupation: Media, Habits and Warfare in Israel and Palestine'

Bloomsbury Press, with SOAS Palestine centre - out 2021


Rambo in the Dead Lands: Cinema, War and Landscape'

Screen Journal, Oxford Press - out Oct 2020                                                                   



'Personal shooter' 

in "The Documentary Moment", Bloomington Press 2021                                                                 



Rendering Mars:

Extracting images from the desert

Under Review, Journal of Visual Culture 


Healing and Killing in the UndergrounD Sonic Acts 2020                                                          ---->Link                


I am Spartacus: Individualising Visual Media and Warfare

Media, Culture & Society. Jan, 2019.                     ---->Link



Spectacle as Camouflage: How the IDF Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Visible Evidence

World Records Journal. March, 2019.                    ----->Link



visibility, Tactility, and Toxicity Under the Ground

Steirischer Herbst 2020                                                  ---->Link                


Sinkholes in Singnification

(Co-writtten with Sasha Litvintseva)

Sonic Acts 2018.                                                        ----->Link



The Kitchen Knife: A Stab in the Eye of Domestic Enclosure

 Different Skies Journal, 2016                                           ----->Link              


On Images That Write Themselves

 Takriv Journal (Hebrew), 2015                                            ---->Link                


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